What should the Chicago Sky do this off-season?

The Chicago Sky have already made some changes this past year, moving their home from the Allstate Arena to the Wintrust Arena, in which they will start playing in this 2018 season.  This is a good thing for the franchise, as they look to see a boost in fans and ticket sales being closer to the heart of Chicago.

And that is not all the changes that will be made this off-season. The Sky hold the third and fourth picks in the 2018 draft. On top of that, guards Allie Quigley and Cappie Pondexter, along with forward Jessica Breland, are all free-agents. Chicago also has restricted free-agents in center Stefanie Dolson and forward Amber Harris.

So what should the Chicago Sky do this off-season? Well, lets take a look at their roster. Assuming one of those free agents gets cored, the Sky still are still big heavy. They need a guard. Who is a top prospect guard for the 2018 WNBA draft? An outstanding ball player named Kelsey Mitchell out of Ohio State. And that’s not all to choose from. In the case that the Indiana Fever,who hold the number two pick, scoop up Mitchell in the draft, there is still star guard Diamond Deshields in the pool of top prospects.

Now, there is no telling what is up the sleeve of General Manager Amber Stocks. Holding those two picks and having a dominant center like Stefanie Dolson as trade bait is really enticing. Securing their powerful frontcourt will be on the top of the list as well.

Chicago has a lot to work with this off-season. This is good news for avid Sky fans. Chicago made a great run to make the playoffs in 2017 season, falling just short. Hope is in the air for big and great changes.

We will see how it all plays out.

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