What should the Las Vegas Aces do this off-season?

It is a question many are undoubtedly wondering in their heads. Not many want to talk about it because, well, it would be too critical. But I’ll just say this. There is no reason it can’t be talked about. After all, this is a free country and fans can blog about whatever they choose.

So, what should they do? Let’s break it down. Moriah Jefferson was hurt pretty much all of last season. Maybe that’s the reason Kelsey Plum was never traded, we will never know. What we do know is that it is highly unlikely Bill Laimbeer keeps both undersized point guards. Who gets traded? In my opinion, Plum will be gone. Why? Well, I don’t believe she ever wanted to be there in the first place. If you remember the drama on draft day, you probably know what I mean. Another reason I think Plum is gone is the fact that Jefferson just fits Laimbeer’s system. Plum is undersized and slower. Jefferson is undersized too, but her quickness is what separates her from the rest in the league.

Who’s next? Kayla McBride. McBride is a restricted free agent this year. Which basically, in a nutshell, means she can go wherever she chooses. She has already spoken out about her wish to stay with the team in its relocation to Vegas. Does she fit Laimbeer’s system? I think she does. But will the fact that she fits his system be as enticing as having her as trade bait? We all know ‘Trader Bill’ will have a few tricks up his sleeve come draft day. Don’t be surprised if McBride is gone.

Lastly, A’ja Wilson. Yes, I know she isn’t on the team yet but she is the projected number one overall pick. Again, does she stay or does she go? Well, let’s look take a look. Wilson would be a great compliment to Isabelle Harrison and Kayla Alexander down low. But she also could go in a package with Plum for a seasoned veteran center. I think she stays.

Now I have not touched on every player or potential players on the roster. I think that this covers three main points. The team desperately needs a veteran, size, and a whole lot of help. What will Laimbeer do? We shall wait and see. All I know is that SOMETHING has to change!

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