“The Machines” new part

Rebekkah Brunson aka “The Machine” is having one of her best seasons in her career this year so far for the Lynx. She took off most of the off season to  rest and get ready for the 2017 season, though she did go overseas and played for Mersin Basketbol in Turkey. She put up some pretty good numbers while playing for Mersin.

  • 45 % FG
  • 53 % 3pt
  • 11.9 RPG
  • 19.9 PPG

As Lynx fans know, Brunson is VERY important to this team and has been the glue and the band-aide of the team. But she still doesn’t get the credit she deserves from the media and others from in the league. Over the last seven seasons here in Minnesota, Brunson has picked up the nickname “The Machine”. She is always moving around and just brings pure energy and that little extra spark when the Lynx have really needed it.

This was really evident in the 2011 playoffs  when the Lynx won their first championship in franchise history. She averaged a double-double 11.9 PPG and 10.8 RPG. During the playoffs she recorded four games with over 10 rebounds and only ONE game where she had less then 9 rebounds in a game. She saved her best performance of her 2011 postseason for Game 1 of the Finals, where she went 10-15 from the field, 6 of 7 from the FT line, pulled down 11 rebounds and finished with a career postseason high of 26 points.

Fast track to the  2017 season entering her 14th season in the league and it looks like Brunson is in the best shape of her career. It has really shown so far 9 games into the season. She has really become another weapon for the Lynx this season. Don’t get me wrong she was a huge part of the season last year, but this season she has expanded her game. How you ask? Well she is now playing above the three point line and not just to open up the paint for her teammate Sylvia Fowles, thought that does help, but it’s because she worked on her three point shot during the off season and is capable of knocking down a three pointer now.  Before this season Brunson was 2-12 from behind the arc, 2007 (0-4) , 2009 (0-1), 2010 (0-1), 2013 (1-1) 2015 (1-4), and 2016 (0-1). So far in the 2017 she is 6-15 from behind the arc, which is 40%  not bad for someone who was only a 16% 3 point shooter in her career.

She is also being more aggressive this season for the Lynx. That has shown in her last five games, as she is averaging 15 points a game and has scored in double figures the last five games as well. She has already scored double figures in 6 games, compared to last season where she only scored double figures 8 times during the regular season. Her shooting has been very impressive as well, as she worked on her shot over the off season and it really has shown . As she is shooting a career high 54 % from the field through nine games.

She might be a 14 year vet, but she is playing like she found the fountain of youth during the off season. It’s a welcome sign for the Lynx and their fans, but maybe not as welcome to the rest of the league, as she is adding new parts to “The Machine”.

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