Winless Not Hopeless

The atmosphere at the AT&T Center might not be as electrifying as when the likes of Becky Hammon and Sophia Young were the franchise faces plastered across the arena, but there is still a lingering buzz of energy ringing in the air, flowing through the concourse, and rumbling under the seats in which Stars’ faithful season ticket holders still sit to cheer on their team. 

It seems unfathomable a team in serious rebuild mode could still have that short of energy about them, especially with an 0-7 start to the season. There is a new Head Coach, a new General Manager, and a plethora of top five draft picks on the roster dating back to the last four years. Yet, something is still there that leaves fans and foes alike still looking at each other without words to describe the feeling they find resonating from this San Antonio WNBA team.The news outlets can’t describe it either, although they try. 

What is really happening behind the scenes at the Antioch Training Complex where the Stars practice? What are the credentialed press missing as they are searching for stories and quotes at media availability? What is on the drawing board in Vickie Johnson’s office or in the notes of Ruth Riley’s computer? What does the athletic trainer notice that everyone else doesn’t? Does the strength and conditioning coach feel the same energy too? 

There is a storm brewing in San Antonio. You might not see it on your Twitter feed, but it’s there. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with 2017 number one overall draft pick, Kelsey Plum, and the made up sorry on her unhappiness with her new squad. It is something bigger than an attempt at getting fans boycotting the new coach or dissing their draft picks before they are even healthy enough to play. 

So watch and see what becomes of the team deep in the heart of Texas. Don’t worry, the people trashing them will be the first back on the bandwagon as they start winning again. True basketball fans know better than to say things they’ll have to eat a year from now. That’s just the excitement of hoops and the unneeded drama that comes with it.

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